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40,000 people throughout Ireland access Carmichael Centre services and supports annually.


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Alcohol Action Ireland

We campaign for the burden of alcohol-related harm to be lifted from the individual, community and state.

Alcohol Action Ireland is the national charity for alcohol-related issues. We are an independent voice for advocacy and policy change, working to reduce levels of alcohol-related harm in Ireland.

We campaign for the burden of alcohol-related harm to be lifted from the individual, community and state, and have a strong track record in campaigning, advocacy, research and information provision.

Alcohol is enjoyed by many of us in Ireland, but there is another side to drinking and that is the harm generated from the way we drink and the amount we drink. The effects of that harm go beyond the individual who is drinking, to impact on families, their own or other people’s, communities, schools, hospitals and businesses.

The human costs of problem alcohol-use are high, but so are the economic costs with alcohol-related harm, costing the economy millions every year through the provision of emergency services, policing, hospital resources and social work services, as well as lost productivity.

Our work involves providing information on alcohol-related issues, creating awareness of alcohol-related harm and offering policy solutions with the potential to reduce that harm, with a particular emphasis on the implementation of the recommendations of the Steering Group report on the National Substance Misuse Strategy.

Have a look at our policy section and check out our key campaigns for further information. Let us know what you think of these policies and campaigns or, alternatively, feel free to share your experiences or ideas with us – we would like to hear from you. Alcohol Action Ireland was established in 2003.

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Asperger Syndrome Association of Ireland-Aspire

Aspire was established by a group of parents in 1995 to provide support for people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and their carers, and to encourage research into the condition.

CanTeen Ireland

CanTeen Ireland is a nation-wide support group for young people who have or have had cancer, and for their brothers, sisters and friends. CanTeen Ireland was set up in 1990 by a group of dedicated health professionals. They are associated with the Irish Cancer Society.

Care Alliance Ireland

Care Alliance Ireland is the National Network of Voluntary Organisations supporting Family Carers. Our vision is that the role of Family Carers is fully recognised and valued by society in Ireland. We exist to enhance the quality of life for Family Carers. We achieve this by supporting our member organisations in their direct work with Family Carers through the provision of information, developing research and policy, sharing resources, and instigating opportunities for collaboration.

Caring and Sharing Association

In 1981 CASA was founded by a group of volunteers. Its central purpose is the development of friendships, through social events, for all its members. Today, it still adheres to that same purpose, friendship. Starting from a small number of groups the network has expanded.

Cat & Dog Protection Association of Ireland

The Cat & Dog Protection Association of Ireland rescues and rehomes abandoned, injured and sick animals in Dublin and surrounding areas. They care for all animals but one of their primary aims is the trapping and neutering of feral cats to reduce the number of diseased and sick kittens. CDPA is a member society of the ISPCA, and is run by a voluntary committee.

Center for Independent Living

The first Irish Centre for Independent Living (CIL) was established in Carmichael House in 1992 by and for people with disabilities, with the main aim of ensuring that people with disabilities achieved Independent living, choice and control over their lives and full participation in society as equal citizens. Since 1992 Center for Independent Living (CIL) Carmichael House has supported development of 24 Centers for Independent Living around Ireland and facilitated a sharing space called CIL Network.

Chronic Pain Ireland

Chronic Pain Ireland is the principal support group in Ireland for the 400,000 people of all ages suffering with chronic pain.

Coeliac Society of Ireland

The Coeliac Society of Ireland was formed in Dublin in 1970 with its aim to "promote, safeguard and protect the interests of the members in relation to the Coeliac condition". It is a self-help charity set up to promote the interests of Coeliacs in Ireland. It consists mainly of volunteers who are a valuable asset to the society.

Cuidiu Irish Childbirth Trust

Cuidio means caring support in Irish. They are a voluntary parent-to-parent support group. Their mission of information, education and support encourages a confident, positive approach to parenting, empowering parents to make informed choices about issues from pregnancy right up to adolescence.

Dublin Community Games

Dublin Community Games aim to provide opportunities for children and young people to develop in a healthy and safe environment through experiencing a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. They encourage and foster community spirit and co-operation.

Dyspraxia Association of Ireland

Formed in 1995 by parents of children with dyspraxia, the Association aims to raise awareness of dyspraxia in Ireland and create a better understanding of the difficulties children and parents face, ensure adequate resources are available to support the needs of children with dyspraxia.

Endometriosis Association of Ireland

The Endometriosis Association of Ireland was formed in 1987. They aim to give sufferers an opportunity to share information and to give support. In addition to being a self-help group, the Association aims to increase awareness among women, the population in general and the medical profession and to encourage and support research.

Fairtrade Network

Fairtrade Network is a small Third World charity based in Dublin. They are active throughout Ireland via their supporter network of dedicated volunteers, involved in the promotion of Fairtrade, the Fairtrade Towns project, and FAIRTRADE Mark products.

First Light

First Light offers support to families bereaved by the sudden unexpected and often unexplained death of an infant or young child and to others affected by it. The Association offers information on Sudden Infant Death to families, professionals, the media and the public, and promotes research into the causes and prevention of Sudden Infant Death.

Heart Children Ireland

The mission of Heart Children Ireland is to support children who suffer from congenital heart defects and their parents and families. They also try to support bereaved families whose children have died from CHD. Their aim is to provide practical support for their members in any way that we can, including the setting up of local groups, the purchase of medical equipment, financial assistance to families, the funding of specialist posts and special events for the children and their families.

Huntington's Disease Association Of Ireland

Huntington's Disease Association Of Ireland aims is to provide specific advice to those who have the disease and their families, provide practical help where possible, foster and promote research, provide up to date information to those interested in Huntington's Disease, avail of every opportunity to highlight the needs of their members through the media, update information regularly, and help establish the true incidence / prevalence of HD in the Republic of Ireland.

Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorder

Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorder is an organisation in Ireland made up of volunteers- mainly parents of children with ADHD. They are dedicated to providing as much up-to-date information, resources and networking opportunities to parents of children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and the professionals who serve them.

Irish Association for Palliative Care

The Irish Association for Palliative Care (IAPC), established in 1993, is an all-Ireland body that aims to promote palliative care nationally and internationally through education, publications, representation on national bodies and opportunities for networking.

Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association functions mainly as a support organisation for people who have MND, their carers and families. This work entails home visiting by their MND nurse specialist, financial assistance towards home help and supply of specialised equipment on loan to patients. The association also supports research into the causes and treatment of Motor Neurone Disease.

Irish Multiple Births Association

Irish Multiple Births Association is managed and coordinated by volunteers who are themselves parents of multiples. It is uniquely placed to offer support and information to parents, as all volunteers have experienced the issues that arise for multiples in pregnancy, during birth and in the early stages of childhood. IMBA's patron is President Mary McAleese, who is also the mother of twins.

Irish Premature Babies

Irish Premature Babies is Ireland's only charity that supports the families of premature babies born in Ireland. We are also the only charity that is dedicated to buying lifesaving equipment for all the Intensive Care Units around Ireland. Our charity is 100% voluntary, nobody gets paid, we are volunteers, and this means that all funding goes directly to where it is needed most. 

Irish Society for Colitis & Crohn's Disease

The Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (ISCC) is a support group for people who suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease, their families and friends. Founded in 1984, they organise public meetings throughout the country at which lectures are given by doctors, gastroenterologists, surgeons and dieticians.

Irish Stammering Association

Irish Stammering Association is a charitable organisation providing information and support to people who stammer in Ireland. Stuttering, as it is also known, affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Parents, partners, friends and family can also be affected by stammering.

Look Good Feel Better

The Look Good Feel Better programme is available in over 26 countries around the world, thousands of beauty professionals volunteer their time to support women going through cancer treatment in hospitals.

This programme was launched in Ireland in 2003 and managed by the Irish Cancer Society and in 2013 was re-establish by the cosmetic industry trade association as a registered charity. We could not run our programme without the continued support or our volunteers from the beauty industry and the wonderful products from the cosmetic industry, this programme is non-medical, brand neutral and lots of fun for all involved. Registered Charity in Ireland 20507

Mens Development Network

The Men's Development Network has been working with men to address the issues facing themselves, their families and their communities since 1997. Over the last 16 years MDN has become established as the leader on men's development in Ireland and abroad. MDN has represented its methodologies in the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and the USA. MDN delivers men's programmes in development, health, training, violence intervention, counseling, equality and equity and for men with particular issues. MDN is the national promoter of the White Ribbon Campaign in Ireland.

Mens Health Forum in Ireland

The Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) is a diverse network of individuals and organisations, men and women, from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The Forum was established in 1999, and operates on an all-island basis.  At present, it has one temporary self-employed worker, but is, primarily, structured, organised and run using the expertise, resources and enthusiasm of volunteers.  MHFI seeks to promote all aspects of the health and well being of men and boys on the island of Ireland through research, training, networking, health initiatives and advocacy.  One of the Forum's core areas of work is the coordination of Men’s Health Week (MHW) activity on the island of Ireland each year.  More details can be found at: 

Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform promotes improved and prioritised mental health services in Ireland. Mental Health Reform aims to benefit the community by promoting best practice in all aspects of service provision to people experiencing mental health difficulties and advancing the education of the public at large to the benefits of an Ireland where people achieve and enjoy the highest attainable standard of mental health. With your help, our concerted action can make a difference.

Miscarriage Association of Ireland

The Miscarriage Association of Ireland is a charitable and completely voluntary body set up with the support of women and men who themselves have been through miscarriages. The Association holds monthly support meetings in Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin on the first Thursday of every month (excluding July & August). The telephone support line is operated by a team of volunteers.

National Platform of Self Advocates

The National Platform of Self Advocates is an independent self advocacy organisation for those living with an intellectual disability. We want to make a difference in the lives of people with disability. We want to make sure that government understands the problems we have. We want to be involved in decision making on issues that affect people with disability. We want to be equal members of the community and to be respected as ordinary people. We want to be given the opportunity to make our own choices. We want to build our capacity to live independently.

National Widows Association

All kinds of widows join the National Widows Association, the rich, the poor, the young, the not so young and the elderly. A widow can build a new life within the Association, regain confidence and gently adjust to a new life. No matter what are her problems, social, emotional, financial or legal, help and advice is there for her. There are 30 branches throughout the country and their activities are many and varied ranging from outings, social gatherings, holidays seminars, educational talks and demonstrations.

Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland

The Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland was originally known as P.H.O.N.E., which stands for Patients and Helpers of Neurofibromatosis. The association was subsequently renamed The Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland. It is a mutual support group with the primary aim of informing suffers and their families of the disorder and letting them know they are not alone with their problem.

Neurological Alliance of Ireland

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) is an umbrella organisation for groups representing the views and concerns of those affected by neurological conditions. The NAI strives to achieve its aims by informing, influencing and liaising with those responsible for maintaining and developing services and support for people with neurological conditions, their families and carers


For over twenty years, Parentline has provided a completely confidential helpline for parents and guardians. They offer support, guidance and information on all aspects of being a parent. Parentline facilitators receive extensive training before going on the lines. They are non-judgemental and have a broad knowledge and understanding of the wide range of problems parents encounter. They will listen and guide parents to help them find the answers they seek.

Parkinsons Association of Ireland

Parkinsons Association of Ireland is based in Dublin, with branches throughout the country. Their aim is to assist those with Parkinson's, and their families and carers, health professionals, interested others, by offering support, a listening ear, and information on any aspect of living with Parkinson's.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association

The mission of the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association is to raise awareness and understanding of Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) and to improve the choice and quality of care, education and support for persons with PWS.

Queen's Institute of District Nursing of Ireland

The Queen's Institute of District Nursing in Ireland provides funding for providing services for palliative home care to the terminally ill, the instruction and/or training of nurses for the provision of palliative home care for the terminally ill and to provide assistance for the sick and socially disadvantaged in their own homes.

Royal Life Saving Society

The Irish Lifesaving Foundation is a charity dedicated to reducing the number of drowning deaths, worldwide. The Foundation is registered as a charity in Dublin, Ireland (CRY 15102) and it is a not for profit company (CHO 368309) limited by guarantee.

Saoirse Foundation

At the Saoirse Foundation we are working towards creating a better world for critically ill children all over Ireland. We have three main projects where we work on making positive life impacts for sick children.


BUMBLEance is the world’s first fully interactive and most modern ambulance on the planet and is especially designed for children. BUMBLEance transports sick and disabled children from both rural and urban areas who require transportation between their home and a national treatment centre, hospital, hospice or respite centre.

Liam’s Lodge

Liam’s Lodge will be Ireland’s 1st National Respite Centre for Children with rare and genetic disorders and their families. It will be the country’s second palliative care centre for children with life limiting illnesses.

Bee For Battens

Bee For Battens provides a Support Programme for families and communities affected by Batten Disease. This includes family information packs, health care information and resources, ongoing family contact and support, international research, liaison with international counterparts and bereavement support. This is a rare genetic brain disease that is always fatal.

SAOL Project

SAOL is an integrated programme of education, rehabilitation, advocacy and childcare. The SAOL Project’s on-going commitment to the women, children and community members of the North Inner City continues to develop, responding to the changing needs of the women who participate in our project with creativity and commitment. SAOL has worked over the last 19 years to promote the needs of female drug users and their children. We have tried to highlight the many extra difficulties that face women who use drugs including the stigma attached to being a mother who uses drugs, fears about the impact drug use might be having on their children but also fears about losing children because of their drug use. While all of these are reasons that can attract women to treatment, they are also reasons why women tend to stay away from sources of help. At best there is a ratio of 2:1 men to women in drug treatment; throughout Europe that figure lengthens to 3:1. Women who use drugs have different needs to men who use drugs. A strong and confident voice is required to shout out that female drug users have needs that are not always recognised or met by the services they attend. SAOL is dedicated to improving the services for female drug users in general and particularly for our area - we call on all service providers to examine their response to women and adjust their practice appropriately.

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racist charity that has been growing from 1995 when Shaka Hislop donated £50stg to a local anti-racism campaign in Newcastle upon Tyne. Show Racism the Red Card is now present in United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Ireland. The charity in Ireland was formally launched in Ireland in 2006. Our method is to produce anti-racist educational resources, which harness the high profile of sports stars to combat racism.

Smashing Times Theatre Company

Smashing Times Theatre Company aims to use participative drama workshops and a professional theatre performance to raise awareness of issues surrounding suicide and suicide prevention.

The Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation works to free street children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse and poverty. Their Vision -A world where it should never hurt to be a child.

The Rape Crisis Network (RCNI) Ireland

The Rape Crisis Network (RCNI) Ireland is the representative body for member Rape Crisis Centres. The RCNI role includes the development and coordination of national projects including expert data collection, supporting Rape Crisis Centres to reach best practice standards, and using our expertise to influence national policy and social change.
@RCNIreland : For information about the professional support and the choices available to survivors of sexual violence.


Wezesha’s approach to its work is influenced by its aims of empowerment, solidarity and capacity building. These aims are reflected in a sustainable development focus that works to support the independence of African women through investment in small business enterprises, providing access to the necessary medical, legal and economic resources and developing skills-based training programmes.

Employing an approach of solidarity and empowerment, Wezesha works to address three issues that the organisation feel are of the utmost importance in achieving a just and equal society

These areas are: 

Gender Based Violence 

Alleviation of Poverty 

Migration and Development

In order to address the three areas above Wezesha focuses its effort on, Organisational Development, Increasing Awareness and Community Development.

Young Horizons

Young Horizons grew from the ideas and observations of Steve Kelly, along with friends from work and college. The initiative grew out of a recognition that small struggling charities have no way of contacting companies that want to help steer young minds and careers. Now in its second year, yH has already introduced over 70 kids from Ballymun and Dublin's inner city to a range of career paths they never knew were so within reach.

From a glimpse of what it's like to work as a Garda in the mounted unit, an Officer in Dublin Fire Brigade, a mechanic or member of cabin crew at Aer Lingus to camera, makeup or set design duties at RTE studios, there are so many opportunities yH can show to those who want to dream. This year we're developing a Transition Year programme in conjunction with local schools and programmes to target an age that is critical for making important life decisions.


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