Sector Supports

40,000 people throughout Ireland access Carmichael Centre services and supports annually.


Carmichael Centre’s Community Services Project (CSP) enables the Centre to remain open with a full range of facilities and administration services for six days and five evenings each week.  These longer opening hours accommodates the needs of the thousands of service users and volunteers who are not available to access facilities during a standard 9 - 5 working day.

Carmichael Centre Community Services Project provides the following supportive infrastructure:

  • Affordable premises: Resident members’ primary need is for secure, affordable premises. Carmichael Centre provides these facilities and CSP supports their servicing, maintenance and health and safety management.
  • Accessible meeting/training space which is affordable and has appropriate equipment. Carmichael Centre has a range of meeting/conference/training rooms for use by resident and non-resident organisations which are serviced by CSP. This facility is strongly complemented by CSP’s catering service.
  • General and financial administrative support: CSP provides a range of administrative supports to resident and external groups. These include photocopying and fax services, postal services; clerical support (e.g. envelope packing, word processing) and payroll and accountancy. 

The above facilities supported by CSP, provide the basic building blocks for organisations to operate, and to access Carmichael Centre’s capacity-building services.