Sector Supports

40,000 people throughout Ireland access Carmichael Centre services and supports annually.

Impact Network

In addition to providing support to 48 resident members, Carmichael Centre staff actively work with over 300 external community and voluntary organisations each year. With the exception of office accommodation, these groups can access the full range of corporate services, training and consultancy and social enterprise supports provided by the Centre.

Over the last 10 years, we have expanded the number of external organisations that we work with. In doing so, we have been able to leverage the benefits of the Centre to a greater number of people and over a wide geographical area.

Organisations are motivated to formally join the Impact Network for several reasons. 

Managers – Join to gain access to information and support in relation to change management, human resource management, strategic planning, quality assurance, marketing communications and financial management

Board Members – Join to receive support in relation to their governance role, board development and organisational direction setting

Staff and Volunteers – Join to gain access to topical seminars of relevance to their specific roles

Organisations and individuals who join the Network receive a tailored bundle of supports, which may be adapted throughout the year as needs arise.