Sector Supports

40,000 people throughout Ireland access Carmichael Centre services and supports annually.

Action Learning Supports & Seminars

Carmichael Centre provides a range of supports to both potential start-ups and existing social enterprises.

  • Identifying your Business Model
  • Identifying the appropriate legal form for your enterprise
  • Dealing with the Revenue Commissioners
  • Attracting clients and customers
  • Developing a digital business profile
  • Structuring your work time
  • Recruiting the start-up team
  • Developing your workspace and ICT platform
  • Managing finances – costs and income
  • Building your business network



  • Business plan for expansion
  • Grow the social enterprise team
  • Expand markets and client bases
  • Analyse the organisation’s Value Chain to identify opportunities for developing value-added partnerships
  • Identify opportunities to fund business expansion
  • Manage organisational change

Currently this sevice is only offered on request from funders and networks.